We Ryde Lyrics By Giljoe

                          I march on like a soldier i’m a go getta,
Can’t dry me, i’m a big large river,
I move from the back scene, to the next scene,
Got a lot of blessings, I no get fever,
Now on to the next thing, levels don change,
I got Jesus, I don’t need to explain,
I path red seas and I move dem mountains,
Kinging real large, I don’t need to campaign,
I’m on a journey, devil can’t retard me,
Flyer like plane speeding like a bugatti,
Moving by the Spirit, Glory to Glory,
Never back down success is my story,
Challenge comes and I make my way through,
Light up my World, not a thing I can’t do,
Make the fire burn, now it’s my turn,
When the night comes, I Illuminate through,
I fear not, no challenge can scare me,
So loaded, not a demon can dare me,
See by faith, and i’m seeing more clearly,
Sinking sand no, Solid Rock I stand,
Moving on like a train, running race they can’t stop me,
And when they come to my way, I crunch them all like Indomie,
I be winning like all day, all I see is Victory,
I be winning like all day, all I see is Victory.
We’re so on fire, we’ll let it burn,
We’re gonna tell it around the World,
We ride, we ride, we ride, we ride, 2x
I put the Word on, I’m glowing like the sun,
I move to higher, and God is concern,
So everything I do and everything I wanna,
Is all about G.O.D everyday,
Call me a foreigner i’m not of the World,
Citizen of heaven, I hail from above,
Two hands in the air, i’m proud of who I are,
I’m a born King, and a born Superstar,
I’m a winner, Champion for realer,
It’s the morning of my life so no dinner,
Blessed from the throne, God is my healer,
Big things agwan! i’m a real great fella,
Flying so high i’m like an eagle,
Devil can only try, nothing e fit do,
God dey by my right, and my other side,
Together we ride and we cruising so fast yeah!
I press on like an iron,
Made my crooked way straight, then He suit me,
No time to check wrist watch, moving quickly,
Done with this level, on to the next one,
I know i’ll never drown, no matter where i get to,
It doesn’t matter the cloud, i’ll look away and I’ll jet through,
Living ahead, always the best, gatta move on i’m leaving the past,
Favour will always stand and Grace will always abound too.

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