Promote Your Gospel Music and Videos on NgLyrics

Do you have a new music or music video you’d like to promote on NgLyrics? Well, you can do that for only NGN5, 000 ($15).

It doesn’t matter if the music (or video) is hosted on the web or in print; we’ll publish and feature it on the NgLyrics homepage for a minimum of 1 month before letting it go down into the inner pages naturally.

The promotion isn’t limited to music and music videos, as you can promote your Gospel events, concerts, bio pages, mega-events, and other church or Christian materials on

To begin, use this link to pay for your music (or music videos) promotions or this other link for other types of events and promotions.


  1. Music and music video promotion is fixed at NGN5, 000 ($15) and can be paid via this URL.
  2. Other types of Church or Christian events can be promoted on NgLyrics for NGN10,000 (or less), depending on the type of material and what you’ve agreed with our admin via .
  3. You can submit the post details to us or ask us to create one for you via webmaster[at] or the contact form below.
  4. We will send you the link to the published material (not later than 48 hours) once it’s published and featured.