A Love Song From Jesus by Danielle Rose Full Lyrics

Song Title: A Love Song From Jesus

Author: Danielle Rose

Language: English

A Love Song From Jesus Lyrics in-Full

All I want to do is fall in love with you.
May I call you my Beloved?
You do not know how strong my love is yet.

Hold me in your hands, and kiss me with your lips.
Enter into love’s communion in this Eucharist

You have never known a love like this.
Do you thirst inside?
And my desire is to share this love.
My passion will never die.

And what if you do not love me in return?
Will you leave me standing here alone,
With my blood beating in my broken heart,
My body broken with love?

I give you my Blood
I give you my Body
I give you all of my love.
Will you take this gift, or have I not given enough?

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