You Don’t Have The Strength by Tammy Trent Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: You Don’t Have The Strength

Artist: Tammy Trent

Written by John Mandeville & Steve Siler
1997 Dayspring Music, a division of
Word Music (BMI) Magnolia Hill Music (ASCAP)

The Full Lyrics

You’re shaken up
You’re breaking down with the weight of problems
You’re all but lost
Hope can’t be found in the place your heart is
So bewildered and confused
You’ve done all that you can do

We rely upon ourselves
Until we’re standing on the brink
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just give up
When you don’t have the strength

There’s someplace warm
Although the storm may rage around you
Hope knows no end
If you begin with a God who loves you
There’s a reservoir of grace
Out upon the sea of faith


We can’t
He can
So lay it all on mercy’s table
Cause when it’s more than you can bear alone
He is able

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His love is strong enough
When you don’t have the strength


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