Praiz You Lyrics John Godfrey ft. Obiwon & Tim Godfrey

Verse 1: 
Baba, I live life to hail Your name 
I no know wetin I go give but to hail You Lord 
My body joli joli anytime I hail You (God) 
Cos na praising You be the thing that You love 
Tell me wetin we bring (omo na praise) 
Tell me wetin em love (omo na praise) 
Tell me wetin em eat (omo na praise) 

Tell me wetin em dey like

I love to praise You (ebelebe) 
Praise You (oh na na na) 
I love to praise You (ebelebe) 
Oh na na na na na
Verse 2: Obiwon 
I come lagos, dey Waka for work with my music 
With 1k alone and my bag of cloth 
Baba God see where You carry me dey do 
You come bless me eh 
With wife, pikin and my music 
You forgive my sins and You save me 
Which kind fool I go be if I no praise You eh 
Agidigba, Aribiti, Arabata 
Ogaranya bi l’igwe, Ogodo ya na ku n’ala, ah 
Jehovah me, wey save me from ebenebe 
Ekelebe Jesu, emeke ne chei 
If e possible to live a good life o 

Outside the one who made You
(Repeat chorus)
Verse 3: Tim Godfrey 

Ome mma, for the life and the blessings 
Wey You give me I dey praise You now 
For the way You dey love me dey love me I can’t shout 
Who am I lord that You are so mindful 
And I’m so thankful 
Everybody ekelebe Jesu 
Put your hands in the air if you know you’re a champion 
The God wey do am for me, E go do am for you say Amen! 
Otun gbemisoke (loke loke) /2x 
Emi ni Emi ni Emi ni Tim Godfrey Emi ni 

(Repeat Chorus)
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