Chi m oh Lyrics By Frank Edwards

Chi m oh, Chi m oh (My God)
What a mighty God you are
Chi m oh, Chi m oh
What a faithful God you are
Chi m oh, Chi m oh
I give you all my praise
Imara nma (you are beautiful)
I di ebube (you are glorious)
Onye nwem na Chineke muo (My Lord and my God)
Otuto nile (all the praise)
Ekele na mbuli elu (Thanks and exaltation)
Obu gi nwuru onwu n’ihi mu (because you died for me)

Idi ebube
Imara nma
Onye nwem na Chineke muooo
Idi ebube
Imara nma
Gi kam ga efe (you will I serve)
Obu gi kam ga efe (only you will I serve)

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