MMA MMA(remix)

Uoooy!U aloone
U alone deserve my praise and worship
U alone deserve my adoration
and U alone i live and have my peace
i’ll sing it again!
U alone will i serve
U will always be my God,
I’ll forever worship youuu
U will always be my God!


Mma Mma eee,
O digi onyedika gi!,
Mma mma mma mma eeyee!,
E kariri ihe asina ibu,
Mma mma mma eee,
O digi onye dika gi!,

Onye n’eme mma e kariri ihe asina ibu.
U alone will be my God
U alone will i serve
I’ll forever worship youuu!!
Sing it again!!
U alone deserve my adoratiooon!
U’ll always be my God!


Yes you are ooohooo!

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