Mma Mma Imela Lyrics by Beulah

Come on everybody
Come let’s praise the Lord
For all the things he has done for us
Come on everybody
Come let’s praise the Lord
For all the things he has done for us
K’anyi kele ya, k’anyi kelenu ya, n’ihe oma ihe ahu komere 2x

Lead – K’anyi si ya mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma imela

Si ya mma mma
Ooo ehhh oooo
Solo 1:
Almighty God in heaven I lift my voice to praise you
For all that you have done for me I just wanna testify
Many are the afflictions of the righteous but you promise to deliver
Even if he falls down a seven times, he shall rise again.
For the Lord hears in heaven the words that we bring
So let us bring praises to our King
Mma imela 2x
Si ya mma mma
Eee oooo eeeeee
Solo 2:
When I look over the years I cannot help but marvel
I have seen your hands guiding me thru it all and showing me the way
You have been my help in ages past and the hope for tomorrow
You who began this good work will surely take me to the very end
For the Lord is my keeper and he is my shade, my Glory, Jehova you lift my head
K’ayin kele ya
k’anyi kelenu ya
Maka iheoma ihe ahu komere
Bridge- eeee mma mma imela 4x
Lead – Siya mma mma(soft tone)
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma mma
Resp – mma mma
Lead – Mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Siya mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma mma aaa
Resp – Mma mma
Lead – Mma mma
Resp – Mma mma
Lord Jehova
We give you praise
You are wonderful in all your ways
Jehova Rapha, you are my healer
Jehova Jireh, my provider
You are God in all circumstance
You are God in every restraint
You are God, we serve you our praise
We love You God
We love you
Nara ekele, nara otuto, onye dika gi
Chika dibia
Eze ndi eze
Mma mma mma mma mamama eee, mma
Igwe, nara otito nwoke oma
Nara ekele nwoke oma
You are my glory
The lifter of my head
You are my God
You are my strong tower
The righteous run into you
Lord they are saved
I honour you!
I worship you
Mma mma imela 4x
Heeee! Heeee! Heeeee!
Be exalted oh God 2x
Be magnified, we love you Jesus, we love you God
In every circumstance, u remain faithful,
You are God, Lord you are kind,
Mma mma imela 3x
Yeeeeeeeeeee yeyeyeeee!
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