Phind’ ukhulume moya oyingcwele
[Speak once again holy spirit]
Phind’ ukhulume Nkosi yam
[Speak once again my Lord]
Phind’ ukhulume moya oyingcwele
Phind’ ukhulume Nkosi yam
Ngoba zonk’ízono ebengizenza
[Because all the sins I’ve been doing]
Namhla zisobala ebusweni bakho
[Today the will appear before you]
Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele
Phindukhulume Nkosi yam
Phindukhulume Thixo ndimamele
[Speak once more God I’m listening]
Phindukhulume Nkosi yami
Phindukhulume Thixo ndimamele
Phindukhulume Nkosi yami
Khuluma, khuluma,
khuluma Nkosi yam
[Spaek my Lord]
Ndithi khuluma nami
[I say speak to me]
Thetha nami, thetha nami ndimamele
Thetha nami Nkosi yam
Khuluma khuluma
Khuluma nkosi yam
Khuluma ndimamele
Khuluma nkosi yam
Thetha nami ndimamele
Thetha nami ndimamele
Thetha nami Jehova wami
Thetha nami Msindisi wam 
[Speak to me my savior]
Thetha nami Nkosi
Ngoba zonke
[Because all]

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