Jesus Loves Me By Apostle FT. A.I.E Full Lyrics

Song Title – Jesus Loves Me
Author – Apostle, A.I.E

Full Lyrics

Heaven is mine entertainment,
Yeah! Its Apostle haha.


[Chorus: by A.I.E]


I want to tell the whole world that Jesus loves me,
I want to tell the whole world that Jesus loves me,
He died on the cross just because of me,


He shed His blood just because of me.


[Bridge verse]


Lord I need to say things for one to lay down his life for his friends
I will never stop to sing your praises lord Jesus yes i know,


Yes Lord, yes Lord,
You died for my sin I will praise You forever


[Rap1 by: Apostle]


Heaven is mine nothing to fear


I will praise your name forever,
You shed Your blood because of me
I will praise You oh! Jehovah,
Idiok ederibot ankak ndien,
I take my cross and follow You forward ever
Backward never and You will be my God forever.
Because You ward more than what people say,
Nobody is like You Jehovah,


Nobody is like You


Jesus Christ nobody is like You Abasi Ibom,


I will sing unto thee Lord forever
To exalt Your Name forever
Ekwo ikwo eno enye,
Enek unek eno enye,
Enam idara eno enye,


Ebia ubok enye.


[Father lift me higher I will praise You Lord]2x


[Chorus]: (Repeated)


[Verse 2: by A.I.E]


[I am happy today eeeh]2x
[I am proud today eeeh]2x
[I’m alive today eeeh]2x
‘cus Jesus died for me so that i may leave again.


You died for my sin I will praise You forever,
Heaven is mine Lord nothing to fear,
‘cus Your with me Lord Jesus I’m not afraid,
Heavenly Father!! I know I’ve sinned
I need Your forgiveness and I believe that You will do,
You send Your only Son to die for me.


I’m so happy for all You have done


and I’m so proud to be the true Son of God.


Iyeee…eeeh Heaven is mine
Iyeee…eeeh Heaven is mine
Iyeee…eeeh..eeeh Heaven is mine


[verse 3 by: Apostle]


I will sing alleluia song I will worship You Father,


I will praise You forever
I will lift Your Name Higher,
As You bless me Father
I will lift You Higher,
As You bless me Father


I will praise You forever


Father lift me Higher


I will praise You forever.


Ekwo ikwo eno enye,


Enek unek eno enye,


Enam idara eno enye,
Ebia ubok enye
[Heaven is mine yes Lord I know]2x
[Chorus]: (Repeated)
Eeeh eeeh eeeh eeeeeeh….eeeh

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