Incredible Christian by Da Truth Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: Incredible Christian

Artist: Da Truth



Verse One:
How could you be so borderline and bored out of your mind
When we’re discussing the God that turned water to wine
Yeah, it’s probably your diet- they say you are what you eat
There’s a lot of stuff I almost ate but couldn’t afford to dine
And I thank God that I chose not
A man is wisest when he knows that he knows not- don’t, stop
Don’t, stop cause you’re incredible
Just cause it’s edible
Don’t mean that you got to eat it man- let it go
Cause your health is important
In the Kingdom of Heaven, beware of the king’s leaven
The faulty views- the movie scenes are giving
It’s influence is evil- even on screens brethren
So stand firm- stand firm
Stand close as God’s living example- lights on lampposts
Modern day Daniels- great exploits for ’em
Before we invite em, we got to inform- now let’s show ’em

That we’re incredible- Nat King unforgettable
Every believer better know, we’re triumphant
So be strong in your weakness- week out and week in
Grab a buddy- then let ’em know

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[Verse Two]
Big chips- nah, God prefers using the small chips
He loves when the score’s 90 to 10 and you just got the ball stripped
He loves when the odds are against you- that’s when it all shifts
Your strength for His- when you strip you give
Up all of the pride that’s inside of you- so don’t clench your fist
Or look at His ways with contempt- strip- just stick to the script
God is using them weak things
Like a stick for the split of the Red Sea or the reed
It makes no difference which
One it was or when it was it was a miracle switch
Switch over to the Gideonites- y’all remember Gideon, right
Good man, weak clan- yet, God told Gideon fight
Then God told Gideon to slice-
His men down to 300- we want it fair
But God got the glory when the smallest clan smashed the Midianites
That’s like the disciples- two fish, five new loaves
Fed thousands through the God who chose
Young David out of His brothers- fighting the giant
Defying the armies of “I Am” with five smooth stones
And a sling- yeah, you know how God do His thing
Using the weak things of the world to put the strong to shame
And that’s us- so when the wicked do a song in His name
Don’t get it wrong- nah, God is not at all trying to hang
On their coat tails- the people of God boast cause their frail
Just because it’s big- don’t presuppose that that it will
Stay afloat- y’all remember when the ocean was filled
With debris from the Titanic- small boats set a sail
And got people safe to shore- they embraced the oar
I’m done teaching- I’ma erase the board
But before I go
I just want to know that the faith is a paradox
Grab a trumpet and blow- now let’s show ’em

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