If Jesus Can’t Fix It Nobody Can by Mighty Clouds Of Joy Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: Nobody Can Fix it if Not Jesus

Artist: Mighty Clouds Of Joy


The Full Lyrics


If Jesus can’t fix it, nobody can! (Oh my Lord, I want to say it again)
Oh, if Jesus, can’t fix it, (nobody can)x2.

Someone is struggling and all he feels is doom,
Your child is giving you problems and your health is failing too,
The weight of the world is pressing you down,
When you need a friend, but no one can be found.

But I know someone, who really cares,
Whatever, whatever, whatever the situation,
He can answer prayers. Oh Jesus, He can.

If Jesus can’t fix it, nobody can!

There was a woman with an issue with blood,
My Bible says, twelve, twelve long years.
She heard, yes she did,about Jesus passing through.
She pressed her way through the crowd.
If I could touch, the hymn of his garment, I know that I will be made whole.

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If Jesus can’t fix it, than nobody can!

Partial VAMP:

Jesus can fix it,

(I don’t care what problem you have) He’ll fix it,

(Don’t give up, give it to Jesus) Jesus can fix it,
(Nothing is too hard for Jesus) He’ll fix it,

(Don’t care how big your problem is) Jesus will fix it,

He’ll fix it……………………..


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