Dance Lyrics By Onos

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
 ha ha,ha ha
Verse 1:
Come on everybody in building
Move your body to the beat now
Hear what the music is saying
It’s time to praise it doesn’t really matter how
Just dance (Dance)
And Shout (Shout)
And Clap (Clap)
And Move (Move)
Come on and dance (Dance)
And Shout (shout)
And Clap (Clap)
And move (Move)
And praise (Praise 7times)
Verse 2:
No matter what you‘re going thru
You’ve got reason to be thankful
Whatever you do, wherever you go
Don’t forget that God is watching over you
Bridge 1:
If you know you’re happy
And you really want to show it
You can praise him anyhow
So come on let me hear it
If you’re young or old or even somewhere in the middle
Is so easy all you have to do is lift your voice and dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridge1 …….

Bridge 2:
Make una dance
And shout and clap and move
Me I go dance and shout and clap and move.
Mama (praise) Papa (Praise) Uncle (Praise) Aunty (Praise) Broda (Praise)
Sister (Praise), Bobo (Praise), Baby (Praise)
help me praise am o
Help me lift em name
Help me praise my God
Help me lift em name
Ogene do (Thank You Lord)
Ogene do (Thank You Lord)
Wo ro no (You’ve done so much)
O yo ma (You are Good)
Wen Ko biro wo (Thank you so much)
O so lo bu wen eh!!! (Lord I Praise you)
Oh move your body, move your body……….
It’s so easy
All you got to do is lift your voice.

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