Hosanna Lyrics in-Full: a song by Nana Perbi

Call: Halleluyah
Resp: Hosanna
Verse 1
Makabongwe Uzayo
Makabongwe Uzayo
Uyeza, Uyeza
Sizombona Ngeniminle

Wiase mu ha, yεde nwom to
Yi wo din kronkron ayε
Kosi sε yebe firi ha, A-min
Verse 2
Praise the coming King, Praise the coming King
He’s coming//2x; In the name of Jesus
Verse 3
Yen nyi Awurade ayε,
N’obεsan aba bio
Oyε ahen mu hene; Oyε Awura mu Awura
N’ahendi to rentwa da
Call: Halleluyah
Resp: Hosanna

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