Been A While Lyrics by Nii Okai

Been a while since I woke up and you came first to mind
Been a while since I longed to dwell in your presence day and night
Been a while since I fasted and had my quiet time
I don’t know if there’s still oil in my lamp


Been a while since I sang to you and felt a love so strong
Been a while since I fervently prayed to you so long
Been a while since I meditated on your every word
Now I find it hard to memorize your word
Lord it’s been a while


Been a while since I dreamt of heaven and prayed Maranatha
Been a while since I grieved to see someone die a sinner
I have lost the urge to witness to a dying world
My cloak of righteousness has been soiled


Is it the wealth? Is it the job? I simply cannot tell
All I know for sure, I am gradually becoming a dry well
I truly need a revival, back to my first love
Take me back, in your arms, hold me close
For it’s been a while


I am tired of the countless prayers of repentance
Like a dog to its vomit I keep ruining my chances
Save me from this miry clay and sinking sand
And place my feet upon the Rock
Set me up on higher ground
And draw me to your side


For LORD it’s been a while
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