Buruburu Lyrics by David Oke Ags

Mo ba buruburu niwaju Oluwa


(I bow in awe before Lord )
Mo juba re Oba awon oba
(I salute you The King of kings)
Awamaridi, Awimayehun
(Mystery, One whose words never change)
Aditi gb’ohun re, o ba buruburu
(The deaf hears your voice and rolls in awe before you)
ise owo re, o jo mi loju lopolopo
(The works of your hands amaze me)
Awon oke nla nla, orisirisi awo loju orun
(Huge mountains, diverse colors in the sky)
Opolopo eda lo n be ninu okun
(There are countless of creatures in the sea)
Iyanu ni O Oluwa, O koja afenuso
(You are wonderful beyond words)
Mo wole fun o, Mo ba buruburu
(I bow for you and roll in awe)
Great is your ability, dependable God
(Oluwa to se foriti)
Your agility is forever
(yoo maa wa titi)
Isan omi gb’ohun re, se ni won wa riri
(The streams tremble at your presence)
Awon Ologbon aye yi won ko le to ipase ogbon re
(The wise men of the earth cannot trace the path of your wisdom)
Awon oke gb’ohun re se ni won n to bi agbo
(The mountains hear your voice and skip like ram)
Ijoye le pe egberun sunbon iwo nikan loba
(there may be Thousands of royal chiefs but only you are the King)
Ko seni to to o
(No one can attain your level)
Alagbara ni O Jesu, mo ba buruburu fun o
(You are powerful Jesus and I bow in awe for you)

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