Victory In Jesus by Mississippi Mass Choir Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: Victory In Jesus

Artist: Mississippi Mass Choir


Victory In Jesus is a song written by Frank Williams and was recorded by Mississippi Mass Choir

The Full Lyrics

Verse 1:
I met Satan on the road I traveled one day,
and he said, “why don’t you follow me”?
I told him, “I’m going to follow Jesus, Christ”,
“His blood has given me eternal life,”
“and with Jesus, (I’ve got the victory)”.

Verse 2:
Satan said, “I will give you the luxury of this world”
if you’d fall down and worship me.
I told him, “get thee behind me, Satan”,
“my mind’s made up, I’m gonna follow Jesus, Christ”
“and with Jesus, (I’ve got the victory)”.

Victory in Jesus,
victory in Jesus,
(I told him I’ve got the victory).

I will follow Jesus Christ,
His blood has given me eternal life,
(and with Jesus), I’ve got the victory.

Vamp 1:
The victory,
I’ve got the victory.

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Vamp 2:
The victory,
the victory.


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