Usher Me by T.D. Jakes The Complete lyrics

Song Tittle: Usher Me

Artist: Bishop T.D. Jakes ft. Donald Lawrence


Usher Me

(this inspirational song was recorded by Bishop T.D. Jakes & Donald Lawrence)

The Full Lyrics

Verse 1
Thank you for the roses to brighten up my day
Thank you for the tenderness to wipe my tears away
But when you see me drifting, sinking and needing lifting
Usher’me into the presence of the Lord

Sleeping beauty fell asleep, in her bed of sorrow
It seemed like it was all she wrote, the end of her tomorrow
But God never ends the story without bringing back the glory
So usher me into the presence of the Lord

Usher’me, there my healing can begin
Usher’me, there my broken heart can mend
Usher’me, I need to be restored
So usher me into the presence of the Lord

Verse 2
Don’t let pain discourage you, you know just what to do
When my heart is overwhemled, I lay my head on you
Though I still need mending, it’s no offense to you.
Just usher me into the presence of,
Usher me into the presence, Oh oh,

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