Jerusalem (Emmy Kosgei)

(Sung in Kalenjin)

Kimi rutoito, kimite banda o (We are pilgrims, we are travelling)
Kibendi gaa Jerusalem (We are going home, to Jerusalem)

Ngonyuni Kimite, koma nenyonet (This world is not ours)
Kiwo kochobwech Jeso nenyonet koret (Jesus has gone to prepare us a home)
Asi ole mi, kemi ak echei (So that where He is, we may be also)
Kimite rutoito, kimitei banda o (We are pilgrims, we are on a journey)


Betusiekap chi ko nwagen eng’ ng’onyuni (The days of man are few on earth)
U sogek che restos, urwet che labati (It is like withering grass, or a passing shadow)
Tos ichobotu kimwa ko bo ile (Do you fight as he commanded?)
Kataruget ne mie, ageni kutwet o (I fight the good fight, I await my crown)

Ara ongigilgei, onge chechem banda o (So we should carry on,  and press forward)
Amu mi Jeso kobotech agoi kagesuno (For Jesus is with us until the end)
Ogerro nyone Jesu, nam mising’ noto itinye (Look Jesus is coming, hold closely to what you have)
Asi magibenek chi, Utweng’ung’ (That no-one may steal your crown)

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