The Throne Room by Mississippi Mass Choir Full Lyrics

Song Tittle: The Throne Room

Artist: Mississippi Mass Choir


Throne Room was written by Varn Micheal McKay and recorded by Mississippi Mass Choir

The Full Lyrics

In tha throne room 3x
I met the Master er er
In tha throne room 3x
I met Him

I know a place I’m sure you’d like to go
Someones there I’m sure you’d like to know
Imagine yourself in the presence of the Lord
Sitting in a room with him oh how great the joy,great joy,great the joy
Jesus is waiting to meet you there
To commune with you oh He wants to talk He wants to share
Prayer is the key that unlocks the door
To the throne room thats where you’ll meet the Lord

Come to the throne room 3x
And meed Him (repeated)
I met Him (repeated)
Get up, step out, and meed Him, step out (repeated)

I met Him!

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