One life to live Lyrics by Monica Zunny

 One life to live Lyrics by Monica Zunny



It all started like a story
But I never heard it early enough
I never went to Sunday school
‘Cause my folks has their ideas on me
But as i grow up and began to think objectively
My Papa has gone to sleep on the other side of life
And I wonder where he could be?
Please don’t ask me ‘Cause it hurts to guest
He didn’t leave any goodbye note
He didn’t even tell mama he wasn’t coming back again
What a mystery! I thought
Lord I wanna know You, once my heart cries…



Then I say:
If I had one life to live
If I had one song to sing
If I had one place to go
If I had one thing to cry
If I had one hope to keep
If I had one dream to live for
It will be over
For Je…sus
Oh oh oh oh



And now that i know… Him, thank You Jesus
It can only get better each day
Learning to live everyday by His Word
Always counting on the Holy Ghost of Grace
It is the life of faith
That works by love through grace in truth
Resting in the heart of a loving heart


BRIDGE: (Repeated 2x)



One life to live
One song to sing
One place to go
One thing to cry
One hope to keep
One dream to live for
It will be over
For Je…sus


BRIDGE: (Repeated 2x)



Oh yes
Yes you will
One life
One life
To live

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