Olorun Alaaye (The Living God) Lyrics by Lanre Olagbaju

(Sung inYoruba)

I ba je bee na se nyin O (If that was how to praise You)
O da mi loju maa gbe egun (I’m sure I’d dress up like a masquerade)
Ma bere m’ole bi okoto (I’d dance like a spinning top)
Ma takiti fun O Jesu (I’d somersault for You Jesus)
Ma ba won gb’eyo n’isale Eko (I’d join the “Eyo” parade on Lagos Island)
Ma fi mariwo k’ora fun O (I’d wear palm fronds for You)
A mo bee ko na se n’yin O (But that’s not how to praise You)
To ri wo l’Olorun Alaaye (For You are the living God)
Olorun Alaaye, Olorun Alaaye (Living God, Living God)
Alaaye naa ni o yin O (Only the living can praise You)
Olorun Alaaye (The Living God)

Verse 1:
Alaaye naa ni o yin O o (Only the living can praise You)
Alaaye naa ni o yin O (Only the living can praise You)
Eni to ti ku ko le yin O Baba (The dead cannot praise You, Father)
A kii k’alleluyan fun Sango (No one shouts Alleluia to a dead god like “Sango”)
A f’iwo Olorun Alaaye (But to You only, The Living God)


Verse 2:
Eni t’olorun miran lehin o (They that follow lesser gods)
Aimokan lo nse ru won (Are just ignorant)
Jesu kii s’egbe Ogun (Jesus is incomparable to gods like “Ogun”)
Beeni kii s’egbe Oya (or even “Oya”)
Ohun l’Olorun Alaaye (He is the Living God)
Olorun Alaaye (The Living God)
Eni to ko j’ale ti o sin O (Those that have vowed not to worship You)
Ohun too da ni o sin o (will end up worshipping the works of Your hands)
Eni o mo o n’lo so p’oo si (Only those that don’t know You, doubt Your existence)
Iwo Olorun Alaaye (O Living God)
Olorun Alaaye (The Living God)
Alaaye naa ni o yin O (Only the living can praise You)
Awa m’oriki e o Baba Agba (We know Your names, Heavenly Father)
Awa mo b’iwon se nyin O Baba Agba (We know how to worship You, Heavenly Father)
Awa m’oriki re o Baba (We have accolades for You, Father)
You are the Mighty God (You are the Mighty God)
You are the King of kings (You are the King of kings)
You are the Great I Am (You are the Great I Am)
You are an Awesome God (You are an Awesome God)
The Living God (The Living God)
Olorun Alaaye (The Living God)


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