My Life By Shay E Complete Lyrics

I’m tryna think to of catchy of hooks when I pick the note books up
When my life sucks I pray to God and then I look up
Started babbling about my life on a dope sixteen
But basically what I end up doing is telling you more about the king


Verse 1
So Basically I’m taking 48 to talk about my life
Spitting these bars write these rhymes talk about my love for the mic
Tell you all about the insecurities crippling my mind
Like how I wake up in morning feel like I’m running outta time


Feel like I’m not making an impact that’ll make my friends decline
All of choices that they make that leave ‘em stepping outta line
Falling in crime, puffing on that pine, making that cheddar through lying
And I am not perfect but I promise you that I’m trying


To make these crooked ways straight, i’ll do whatever it takes
Put my self out there, while I’m tryna learn from my mistakes
And my biggest fear of all are the biggest ones that I’m gonna face
I’m Talking about the same fears that have kept me playing it safe


They said life was a race I figured it out was relay
That’s why you steady catch me passing the bat on -wordplay
Never was my strong suit, that’s right I’m working on it
Sometimes I’m scared of life well that’s just me being honest


Verse 2
And if you listen to my songs might find we have some things in common
Rappers that I used to think were dope now they all sound so common
Common denominator was the wrong message they put on
Every single track, that’s why I quit bumping their songs


It was around 2011 Introduced to chh
and I thought to myself that finally I could relate
To this rap music, black music, more addictive than crack music
Chea, Even your grandad can rap to it


Well I guess We’re all searching for sth
Cos the girl I’m tripping for is somewhere out there exploring
So Nigerian Dora is the name that I be calling her
until the conversations end up getting boring and


These are some bants I throw around with the voice in my head
but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to share ‘em with somebody else
These are some bants I throw around with the voice In my
head but I figured that I’d sort em out instead of leave ‘em on the shelf


Verse 3
I believe in miracles I don’t believe in magic
when its tragic like apache Pilots pulling kamikazes
into over-populated cities Gidi for example
This time I’m on the mix remember the dope Sample


On I’m Blessed?, that’s a reminder so I don’t trip
mind spinning faster than an athlete doing back flips
Or a mathtlete under pressure steady solving calculus
God watch over our girls whether or not their come back to us


heart bleeds over the last line but this would probably kill Dracula
Shout out the atheists even the ones that steady tackle us
Macula degeneration see no evil only love
This one is for my brothers relations thicker than blood


Titled the track my life but actually its leased
Some day it’ll be over and I’d finally rest in peace
These are some thoughts I wouldn’t share with no one else
But God can already hear ‘em might as well ask for HIS help

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