Mma Mma Lyrics by BUCHI

Mma Mma
………………………….BUCHI (Nigerian)


The gospel is not for Sunday morning
Sunday morning alone
Each and everyday
That the lord has made
We gat to give thanks and praise to the lord
Almighty father, papa never tire
Only pa blessing load I am I
Give I pikini and plenty dollars
Ah papa never tired
Make we give him the praise.


mmmama mmmama
Mmmama imela
Mmmama mmmama
Mmmama Jesus oyebere


I woke up early this morning
Not knowing what to say
I thought about the good good things
He has done for me
I thought about my lovely children
I thought about my pretty wife
All I could think of to say was
Thank you Jesus

Repeat chorus


When we get to heaven
I know I’ll see Jesus
Paul and Silas father Abraham
The whole of them would be there
Many many question I want to ask
Many many things I want to say
First of all I will run to him and say
Thank you Jesus

Repeat chorus


I have a question
Give me a answer
I have a question
Pls give me answer

Vamp: tell me the one who make you fat and nice

Resp: Jesus

Call: Tell me the one who make you fresh and young

Resp: Jesus

Call: Tell me the one who make you prosperous

Resp: Jesus

Call: E radiradiradi gamegama

Come come come come
May we give him the praise

Repeat chorus

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