By Grace by Lord Bishop ft Samsong and Chris Morgan, Complete Lyrics

Song Title: By Grace

Artist: Lord Bishop ft Samsong and Chris Morgan




It is your grace that brought me this far,
It is your grace that made me who I am,
It is your grace, it is your grace

SOLO (Chris Morgan):

I wasn’t worthy when you made me worthy,
Disqualified, and you qualified me,
By your grace, by your grace,
I am who I am, and we are who we are by your grace,
We are nothing without you,
Grace is everything to me

SOLO (Samsong):

How could I’ve made it, if it wasn’t for your grace?
How can I explain the blessings all around?
Even when I fell, I did things my way
You told me to be strong then you held my hand
You blessed me more than I can comprehend
You hold me closed and you called me friend
Through it all I overcomed not be works, but by your grace.

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Repeat Chorus


Grace is not a subject, grace is not a topic,
Grace is the power of God, Grace is the nature of God
Grace is Jesus, by Grace we are saved
Through faith, it is grace that saved us.


By Grace you made us who we are (x2)
We are who we are by grace
(Repeat continuously)

We are who we are (we are who we are) (2x)
We are who we are (by grace)

I am who I am (I am who I am) (2x)
I am who I am ( by grace )

Grace is a blessing, grace is the favour of God,
but beyond that, grace is the son of God
The son of God given for us to be save
We have become like him,
We have become as him
For as he is, so are we in this world.

Samuel Odamah

God First, Tech second, Freelancing third.... in this order, my entire being is summed up.