I don’t deserve the Love you’ve shown,
The blood you’ve shed covers my all,
Beyond my flaws oh Lord you see,
And yet you still use
Use even me

Oh Lord I’ve tried to do my best,
Although sometimes I do much less,
You called my name and I ran away,
Yet still you called me another day,
Yes even me Lord,even me
The scarred and broken
And unworthy,
My guilty stains you washed them clean,
And yet you still used,used even me

Ndizamile ngamandla am’,
Kuzilungisa ngahluleka,
Mandl’othando lwakho Yesu,
Andiguqula ndamhle nami
Yes even me Lord,even me,the scarred and broken,and unworthy,
My guilty stains you washed them clean,
You could have used anybody else Lord anybody else,but yet you still use,use even me.

Ngihlengiwe ngenxa yomusa
(Ngathengwa ngajikwa ngegazi lakho)
Ngihlengiwe ngenxa yomusa
(Umusa wakho wafika wayishintsh’ impi­lo yami)
Ngihlengiwe ngenxa yomusa
(Umusa wafika wajika zonk’izinto wangihlenga)
Ngihlengiwe ngenxa yomusa

Ngangikuphi ngandle komusa
(Mina bengingafel’end­leleni)
Ngangikuphi ngaphandle komusa
(Mina bengingaphelelwa ngamandla)
Ngangikuphi ngaphandle komusa
(Without you grace Lord)
Ngangikuphi ngaphandle komusa
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