Top 5 Christian Apps to Install on your SmartPhone right Now

The world has become digitized and everything has gone mobile. With the popularity of mobile gadgets such as tablets, smart phones and iPod, there’s hardly a believer without one of these devices.

For this, I have decided to share some great apps to help keep your spirit alive and connected to the heaven-lies, even as you go through your day-to-day activities.

The Holy Bible

bibleThe Bible App (KJV, RSV, Amplified) is free to download and works on smartphones of all sizes.

Of no doubt, this should be the number one App a believing Christian must have in His/Her device.

You can choose to download this particular version or any other variant that works in-line with other materials you own.

Don’t have data to download? Don’t worry, you can use the ShareIt app, flashshare or Xender application to share Apps with your friends without burning a single internet data.

Prayer and Supplication

There are lots of good prayer apps in the mobile app store of popular OEM. Most are free and comes with features that helps you develop your prayer life as a believer.

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Installing one of them is a great way to improve on your daily supplication as a Christian.



Gospel Hymns and Hymnal Apps

Gospel Hymns and songs helps keep your soul in check and make your heart sober while praising and admonishing God’s name.

There are lots of hymnal apps in the mobile apps store of all popular OEM. All you need do is use the search bar to get a hymnal app of choice. You can also pick one from here.



Daily Bible Inspiration

Helps with daily bible verses that suites your day, keeps you refreshed all day with sweet scripture references.




Study the Bible, compare different translations, look up Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Lexicon, read popular commentaries and even write your own insights and study notes directly on your smartphone or tablet.



Some exciting features of MySword include:

  1. off-line Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books
  2. Bible version verse comparison
  3. Highlights
  4. Bookmarks and Verse list
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All apps listed can be download free from the mobile apps store and works on all smart phone and data-enabled devices.

If you feel like there is an App missing, you can drop it in the comment box and it will be fitted in to our list if found worthy.

Samuel Odamah

God First, Tech second, Freelancing third.... in this order, my entire being is summed up.