Some of us have to go
through things that seem impossible
We have to know 
that change has come
We need to rise above the past
So many times we hold the past
We don’t want today to come
Just look ahead with open minds
And allow change to pass
(Oh change) change, 
(change), change, 
Change has come
Oh hold my hand
together we can
(Oh change) change, 
(change), change,
Change has come
Is not what man can do
Only God can do that change
Now is the time for us to know 
We don’t have to live in fear
The fights we see are a true reflection
Of what goes on and on inside
Zijikile izinto
Change has come
Helele mama
Zajik’ izinto
Lishilo izwi lathi masibe munye
Wo sikhululekile
I know you can receive it
If you wanna change
Change, change, change, change
Ooh change, change has come
Ooh change, change has come
Sing change has come
Oh change, change has come
Oh change, change has come
Oh change, change has come
You better sing it, believe it, sing it
You better believe it, you better receive it
If you really believe it say yeah (yeah)
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